UPVC Door & Window Systems


In production perception of competing with product quality and protecting consumers with its quality, Myhaus is exact about selecting the raw materials and suppliers in order to maintain the continuity of this quality and selecting its agents so that its products can reach the consumers accurately.


Myhaus is a whole, including all the personnel, for a profit which bases on consumer satisfaction.


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Yelkenciler, with its knowledge, technology and 30-year experience of plastic industry, has been in service of plastic products of building trade in a 14.000 m2 closed area. This experience and knowledge came into service as Myhaus brand in door and window sector by combining with extruder machinery, which the group has been a manufacturer of since 1969.

Myhuas supplies its UPVC profiles, which are produced in a 4.800 m2 closed area, to the consumers by manufacturer agents and sub dealers throughout Turkey, and by distributors abroad. Our facilities, based on quality management system in every phase of administration and production, are certificated by ISO 9001 quality certificate and maintained the product quality to TSE 5358 EN 12608 standarts.

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